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Our mission is to help families successfully navigate the complex college admissions and financial aid process and make paying for their dream college more easily affordable, regardless of the cost.

First Class College Planning is a division of Safe Money Advisory LLC.

Through First Class College Planning, we seek to educate and advise parents on how to navigate the college planning process. With over 30 years of financial planning experience, we are well positioned to help parents understand the complicated financial aid process, while packaging the student to give them the best chance of gaining acceptance to the schools that are the best fit for them. Our goal is to not only help students and families identify the best schools for the student, but to show the parents how to pay the least amount as well as build a plan that provides for the most efficient use of the parents and student’s resources to pay for their share of college expenses. As a final goal, we strive to show parents how to accomplish all of this while not jeopardizing their own future financial security in retirement.  We believe that the college planning process does not have to be filled with stress and anxiety and can be done prudently and methodically resulting in the best results and providing the peace of mind that families desire. Through their proven student-centered approach, First Class College Planning provides an abundance of tools and resources needed as well as information and guidance from caring individuals and an effective system throughout a student’s journey. 

The Team

Michael E. Jaspan lives in Philadelphia and is the proud father of three children: Jared, Carly, and Jordan. He is also very involved in community activities and supports the Children’s Dyslexia Center, the Children’s Masonic Home and as a Shriner, the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

  In the course of his business, Michael enjoys traveling and public speaking engagements. Michael advises clients on how to grow their wealth, reduce their taxes and achieve their dreams of financial security. He has successfully put his clients on track to acquire more than $300 million of additional wealth.

Michael promotes very unique safe money strategies to help his clients. He works with the families of college-bound students to determine the best way for the family to pay for college regardless of the cost without going broke. He also helps his clients secure their financial future and ensure their retirement.

  Michael has been in financial services for 30 years. Authorized Advisor. To ensure the level of personal service, Michael only accepts a limited number of clients each year who are committed to achieving lifetime financial security.

Michael is passionate about finacial education.



Medge Jaspan, has owned Cannes Touch for over 13 years and has helped corporations and business owners to grow their businesses, expand their networks, and organize the best corporate events for their brands.


In 2009, I left Cannes, France and followed my heart to look for my true calling. I wanted to study Positive Psychology. I had to start all over, learn English as a second language, returned to school to achieve my dream of using Positive Psychology to transform people's journey. 


As a  Positive Psychology Practitioner, I completed my undergraduate at Bryn Athyn College and graduate school with a Master degree in Psychology and Education at Columbia University. My passion is to motivate, inspire, and encourage people to embrace and enjoy their uniqueness.  I help your child connect to their highest potential: define their weaknesses and transform them into assets. I help them to recognize and develop their strengths! At 18 year old, I would have loved to know that psychology was my passion. Now is the perfect time to help your child/ren find out what they are really good at doing and what they want to become. Daily struggles and challenges in adolescence may lead them to see the world from a darker side and become discouraged. Using positive psychology techniques we will help them identify their inner strengths and live life in a more positive way.





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